Bronson and Me by Lee Wortley and Paula Salvador


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Publication Date: 26th March 2021.

In 2017 Paula Williamson, an actress and voice-over artist from Stoke stepped through the prison gates of ‘Monster Mansion’ in Wakefield and said “I do” to one of the world’s most legendary and animated inmates.
Unfortunately their union was short lived after all hell broke loose over a misunderstanding that occurred during a trip to Tenerife.
This book is a tell-all expose of the collateral damage that ensued in its wake. A chronological trip through the events of their marriage, a metaphorical box-ticker of dos and don’ts for anyone treading a similar path.
Lee Wortley worked with Paula on her book, right up to the time of her premature passing, before taking up the task of its painstaking completion.
This story will shock, surprise and infuriate you. Moreover, it will prove to any likeminded individual that for the most part, nothing everlasting will ever come from love under the restraints of incarceration.

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