Freddie Foreman’s Final Photo Album


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Publication Date: 1st February 2019.

In this A5 hardback book Freddie Foreman, known around the world since the 1960s as the Godfather of British Crime, takes a look through many personal and never before published photos spanning over six decades,
Many memories are shared within this very unique pictorial book. some Show freddie as the family man he has always strived hard to be, some give a
glimpse into the glamour and glitz of 1960s London, while others pay tribute to the staunch and trusted people he has always surrounded himself with.
Every memory though has played a part in shaping the man who still commands respect into his mid 80s from the people who inhabit his world.
A life as colourful as it has been eventful.
This is Freddie Foreman’s final photo album.

Only 300 copies of this book have been printed.